20 Oct 2017 Update

We’ve left out some recent updates! Here’s the whole list:

1) Make money deposits more consistent

2) Created a page for requesting user transfers from one troop to another (Support > Request Member Transfer)

3) Make it easier to select trainings by adding a search field to the form

4) When recording award progress for event attendees, show the attendees at the top of the list of people

5) Include retired merit badges in the Eagle Report

6) Improve the process of creating TurboNET Advancement Report pdf’s

7) Make it so editing a user’s patrol updates the user’s level, if applicable

8) Users can merge user accounts from the mobile site

9) Fix a bug where some users couldn’t record attendance

10) Fix a bug where some patrols couldn’t be edited

11) Fix a bug where some users couldn’t view their photo albums

12) Fix a bug where users couldn’t upload photos

13) Fix typo: “Monthy” => “Monthly”