TroopTrack Product Updates

25 May 2018 Update 2018-05-25

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Vacation Ahead 2018-05-19

Heads up: Kelsie and Spencer will both be on vacation June 1-8. 🏝️ We will not be available to answer emails or phone calls during that time.

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11 May 2018 Update 2018-05-11

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Several Bug Fixes :) 2018-04-26

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RSVP from the Event Invitation! :D 2018-04-11

You can now RSVP straight from the event invitation emails! This has been one of the most-requested features for a while, and we’re excited that it’s finally arrived.

From now on, each event invitation email will include one link to view the event and several other links to RSVP to the event. And coolest of all: none of those links require you to login! Even users without a username and password can RSVP to events straight from the email.

The links use a special token that only gives access to viewing the event and RSVP’ing to the event. The token doesn’t give access to other actions like editing the event or viewing user information. To do anything besides view the event and RSVP you'll need to log in.

When you click on one of the RSVP links we record your RSVP choice and show you the event details. This way you can confirm that the RSVP was saved. Also, if you need to RSVP for several other people you can do it all on one page.

Also, we updated the RSVP box. You can now select the RSVP option right on the event details page. It’s a lot easier to RSVP for multiple people this way!

However, most of these shiny new features don’t apply to events with fees. For events with fees, you can still view the event details without logging in, but in order to RSVP and pay the fee you’ll need to log in. A future update may make it possible to pay event fees without logging in.

See the Community post for screenshots: RSVP from the Event Invitation! :D


Schedule Update This Week 2018-04-03

We apologize in advance for any difficulty you may have in reaching us this week (April 2 through April 6). Spencer and I (Kelsie) are closing on a house this afternoon and packing/moving, so we will be out of the office for part of today and all of Friday. We are doing our best to maintain normal hours the rest of the time, but may not always be able to do so. We will be back to normal next week. Thank you for your patience! :)


19 March 2017 Updates 2018-03-19

We updated some more stuff! :)


Photos Fixed! 2018-03-05

On Friday, 2 March 2018, we made some changes to the site in order to improve security that broke the ability to access documents and pictures uploaded to our site. We worked on this over the weekend, and Dave fixed the problem yesterday morning. Troop Documents and Photos are fully operational again. We apologize for this issue, and we're grateful for the kind heads-up our user gave us in the first place. You guys rock!


Feb 12 Update: No More Quarter! 2018-02-12


February 2nd Updates 2018-02-02

We hope everyone is having a great afternoon! :) Here are some new updates to the site that just went live today! Woohoo!

Happy February, everyone!


11 Jan 2018 Update 2018-01-11

We released some more stuff! :)


Christmas Break Update 2018-01-08

We forgot to mention some updates that were released over the Christmas Break!

We hope your 2018 is off to a great start! :)


Communication Problems 2018-01-03

We've made a fix to the Communications Problems page!

Go to Communicate > Communication Problems to see who has been placed on our Spam, Unsubscribe, or Bounce lists. You can also remove them from those lists.

If someone suddenly stops receiving emails from TroopTrack, check this page. They may have accidentally marked us as spam. You can then click the "Remove Spam Report" button, and they will begin receiving emails again.


Holiday Schedule 2017-12-21

Merry Christmas! 🎅🎄☃️

The office will close Friday Dec 22 and reopen Tuesday Jan 2.


Service Hours Fixed and Other Updates 2017-12-07

The missing service hours have been restored! Yay! We're sorry this ever happened in the first place!

We were able to restore any hours entered before Saturday (11/18) and Sunday (11/19, the day the bug occurred). If service hours were entered on Sunday before the bug occurred, they will need to be re-added. If service hours were added on Saturday, they might need to be re-added. With the exception of those two days, everything else is back up.

Here are some other updates:


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