Great product! I have been involved in scouts for many years, and have used many different programs to keep track of the scouts progress. While some of them did the job, they all seem archaic compared to TroopTrack. I was thrilled to find a great product that would work on my mac, pc, iPad and iPhone! The fact that the software is web-based is a HUGE plus. The owner is constantly upgrading the software to take advantage of new technology.

Give it a try, it will not disappoint!

I highly recommend TroopTrack!!

Ryan- San Tan Valley, AZ

TroopTrack has been a great blessing to our BSA chartered organization. We started using TroopTrack near the beginning of 2013. The SW has really helped us be better organized. I really like the Calendar and Quick Message features. The Scout Tracking, advancement and Share site - posting photos, documents and links to useful sites, have all contributed in helping our Ward and the young men in Scouting. Recording training, organizing patrols and using TroopTrack SW support tool are only a few of the other great features in TroopTrack. Thank you Dave and Shannon.

Lynn Porter, Mukilteo, WA, Troop 7, Team 7, Crew 7

Before I started using Troop Track we did all of our record keeping via Excel Spreadsheets and it was tedious and time consuming and impossibly to be completely accurate. Now I spend about 20 minutes each week updating achievements etc from the previous meeting/camp-out and print my shopping list which is one more GREAT feature I love. Still a few bugs but I see improvements every time I log in. Really do like this site.

Chad Harley Webelos Den Leader Pack 53 Collierville, TN

When our Troop began to look for a new Troop Management Software package, there were a few options out there to compete with what we were currently using. TroopTrack had some great features that other packages did not offer, but that alone did not seal the deal. What made TroopTrack stand out from all the rest is it's founder, David Christiansen. Any issues I had were very promptly handled and new features were added based upon subscribers suggestions. I find myself personally involved in the success of the product and excited to see it grow. I can not recommend any other product to manage your Troop's day to day operations more than TroopTrack.

Richard Arnold - Troop 355, Spring, TX

TroopTrack has been a lifesaver for our AHG Troop! It enables us to track the girl's participation, service, badge work, events and so much more. The feature allowing to have a private website with a calendar has been instrumental in allowing our troop to maintain a private feature so the public does not know when/where we will be meeting or having events. The leaders love this program because it encourages them to maintain order and communication between the parents and leaders. As a Unit Coordinator, I would highly suggest this product for your troop HANDS DOWN!

Shelly Cheng

Dave, Again thanks for all of you great Support. The personal touch and attention is the best that I have seen so far in the Business. I work in the K-12 Education system here in PA in the IT Depart. I have to say that being able to find an issue and give a suggestion and then have that fix or product request appear in a few hours is almost unheard of. Usually I have to wait to the next service release or next major update. So Please keep up the great work.

Chadwick Whenry CubMaster Pack 148 Lancaster PA

I have used many software programs during my 10 years of scouting. This program is far and away the most intuitive, easy to use, yet robust program on the market. It is so versatile, that we use it for our pack, our troop, and our crew. It has simplified recording activities and tracking the scouts as they work towards their ranks. It has improved our communication with the scouts and their parents. I would recommend this program to anyone involved in scouting.

Tricia Chapela, Pack 355 Den Leader, Troop 355 ASM, Crew 355 Advisor

We used but needed a more full featured management program. After extensive research and setting up our pack in a number of apps, we found that was so extremely superior to any other choice, that the decision was simple. The team at has been extremely responsive. Our members find it so easy to communicate... and for the first time in years... we know who is active, has dues paid, scout bucks owed, and is ready to jump to the next level. From 25 scouts to 90, has been perfect!

Gary Dailey, BSA Pack 500, Lawrenceville, GA

Troop Track has been a life saver for keeping track of my American Heritage Girl's individual accomplishments as well as managing the troops accomplishments as a whole. I also love the "planning events" feature, allowing me to notify the entire troop on any and all volunteer opportunities that arise. This level of organization with this amount of ease is priceless in today's fast paced society.

Jessica Burt

TroopTrack is a great tool for your troop. It allows leaders, scouts and parents to keep track of everything going on with the troop and individual scouts. The greatest tool as a scoutmaster is it provides all of the information needed to the youth leaders to effectively run their patrols.

Mark Randall, Scoutmaster Troop 355 Spring Texas

I am thoroughly impressed with this site. I just hopped on board in the last couple months with our Troop as a Scoutmaster and haven't had anything to do with scouting in well over a decade. One thing that is important to me (from my own personal experience as a youth) was the importance of keeping track of things as they were accomplished. Too many things (boys, blue cards, achievements, etc) fell through the cracks so many years ago, because no one was keeping track of things as they happened. Did I have fun? Yes. But it was inefficient and unfair to us young men who would find out later down the road that nothing was ever recorded.

So now I have the chance to make sure every boy in our Troop stays on top of his advancement. Troop Track has a lot more capabilities than just keeping records, but in my opinion, this was to be its primary purpose, as far as our troop went.

From the beginning I have had great experiences in communication with the site's owner. My emails have always been answered within a day and answers are clear and personal. It is very obvious that Dave cares about this software. One of the main reasons I chose to go with Troop Track over some other options was just seeing TT's Facebook page and seeing how incredibly involved and active the site owner is in making sure things continue to evolve and improve, almost always based on user's suggestions. So many other scout tracking software sites had little to no evidence that there was even a real human at the other end. So is Troop Track perfect? Maybe not. I can't really pinpoint any specific things that I don't like. But I love love love the fact that this site is alive, its already good and it gets better all the time. If you're going to fork out precious dollars to use a tool like this, and thats really all it is, a tool, then how nice is it to have a tool that continues to sharpen itself and make itself easier to use while increasing its own functionality.

Parents, boys and other leaders have unanimously agreed that this was a good decision for our troop and we look forward to reaping the rewards of efficient record keeping in the coming months and years.

Colt-Wet Behind the Ears-Scoutmaster, Iowa City, IA

With a troop size of about 100 scouts and growing, Troop Track comes at a perfect time for our troop to move from the old one. We have just started using it for 2 weeks. I appreciate the accessibility and functionality of this new site. It is a great tool to managing our unit. Thank you for the genius behind this great system. I highly recommend this great product to any scouting organization.

- Cindy Kwan Troop 441 Sugar Land, TX

Paper charts and spreadsheet just make Scouting more difficult. TroopTrack is an excellent tool that can make communication and the overall management of a Scout group MUCH easier.

Joshua Carroll, Quapaw Area Council, Pack 604 (@joshua_carroll)

TroopTrack is such a huge leap in functionality from our old site! The continuous improvements make us glad we switched every time we login!

Brian Ferrenz Troop 441 Sugar Land, TX

I've been looking for some software to help manage our AHG troop for some time. We have some client software, but trying to set that up so multiple people can edit always felt awkward and there was no easy way to keep our parents informed about everything going on. TroopTrack looks like just what we need to enable our leaders to easily keep track of what's going on and to keep our parents informed about our girls' progress. I think we may have a winner for our new troop management software.

Peter Schott, Webmaster

I love Troop Track! It enable us parents to easily access the calendar and be informed ahead of time on the upcoming events without surprises. Also, it helps me track my daughter's progress, what's she's lacking to complete a badge and things like that. Cool part also is that the email that is sent to us includes a quick glance of their progress too! As a leader, it's gives us an easy access on communicating to the troop. God bless and keep up the good work!

Celeste N.-AHG TN2011

This is the safest and most organized way to keep all your scout 'information highway' open! If you can find it.....go to Troop Track and you will ! Thank you for having a collective site for all scouts to stay on top of all their scouting needs!

Heather Coulter-OC Scout Mom

In searching for a away to ease communication and tracking of awards for our growing pack I looked at many options. I'd resigned myself to having to write my own site, then I heard about Troop Track. I took it for a test drive and was sold.

Sam Byrd - Pack 57 - Little Rock, AR

Our pack loves Troop Track.

When we went from 14 to 50 scouts in two years the paperwork became overwhelming. We evaluated several different scout tracking solutions. Most solutions could not work with a Mac or required extra fees to work with the internet. Troop Track works great with our Macs & PCs. The ability to accurately track all awards from completion to purchase to award is a huge time saver. The communication features have helped streamline our calendars & events.

Dave has done a great job with this product. Thank you.

Keith - CubMaster Pack 149

Great site to keep all the scout's data updated and track everything. Makes life much easier!!!

Anibal Di Stefano

Troop Track is a genius way to keep track of all my scouts! Thank you for continually improving it and making it so user friendly!

Rachel O. -Pack 136 in Queen Creek, AZ

Troop Track is Awesome! Using Troop Track has helped My unit become more organized, and it helps me to contact my Patrol Members. Thanks, Troop Track!

Paul DeRepentigny, Polar Bear Patrol, Troop 185, Salisbury MD

Troop Track has been very helpful in communicating with troop leaders and seeing upcoming events.

S Tatum Troop TN2011

I like having one place to go:

• to see how my son and the scouts I lead are progressing toward their badges.

• to go to see how much is in his scout account.

• to RSVP for events.

• to see photos of Pack outings

• to send and receive messages regarding pack activities.

Troop Tracker is a winner.

Katie Bolinger, Assistant Cub Master, Pack 290

As a Den Leader in Cub Scouts and a Committee Chair in Boy Scouts I can say that both of our groups are loving TroopTrack. I know that several of our members have seen improvements to the system based on their feedback. David and team are very responsive and continue to add great features.

As a software developer myself, I appreciate the commitment the TroopTrack team has to listening to their users and constantly making the system better.

I know with TroopTrack our Pack and Troop will only continue to run more smoothly.

Thanks TroopTrack!

Rodney Seifert, Troop 514/Pack 3514 Medina OH

I have 2 boys that are in scouts right now, and 2 older boys that were in scouts in the 90's. This new Troop Track has been so amazing and so easy to find and give information. I wished it had been here all along.

Jill G. Troop 3135

I love troop track. I'm the webmaster and Librianian and it helps me sooooo much. The other scouts can look at what books we have in the troop at any time. It is so easy for me to update and send notices of our outings. Love it!

Troop 242 Lombard IL

Peter Alessandri Jr

At first, I was nervous about switching to troop track, but now I'm excited that we did! Troop track is amazing! It is easy to use, easy to learn, and easy to move around. It is simple, and very user friendly! I highly recommend using troop track for all scouting purposes!

D. Mathis IN0208

I didn't even realize how cool TroopTrack was! This is a great tool to record all of your scouts achievements, meetings, and activities. Love it! Will highly recommend it for my GS Daisy Troop. Thank You!

Annette Murch, Webelos Proud Parent, Troop 414, Apopka, Fl

Troop Track is a great tool for tracking and planning my Den's activities. Much better than our previous software!

Rob Malloy Wolf Den Leader Pack 280 Macedonia, Ohio

What a difference TroopTrack has made with our troops' organization! This product offers everything we need in one convenient place to manage, communicate and effortlessly maintain all of our troop records. Being a web application, there are no hoops to jump through to download/upload every time you enter and exit the program. I wish I had met Dave and bought TroopTrack sooner.

Mike Floyd, Troop 65 Collierville, TN

As a brand new troop we reviewed all other troop management programs available to find just the right one. After trial subscriptions to almost every other program we found that TroopTrack was the best fit for us. Our committee loves everything from managing the boys money accounts, tracking advancement, and keeping a handle on everything else in our inventory. We love you guys!

Darcey Gartrell, Treasurer/Advancement Chair, BSA Troop 363, CO

I cannot say enough about TroopTrack. It is a dream come true for any troop (we have 90 scouts!). So here we go:

Tech support is incredible- thoughtful replies are sent within hour or days to any type of questions.

On line support is very comprehensive, with screenshots- you can't beat that.

TroopTrack is designed for online use. Unlike other competitors who are trying to retrofit older applications- which never really works.

Using TroopTrack we have combined the work of 5 administrators by sharing one database.

These administrators were using off-line WORD and EXCEL files. Nothing wrong with WORD and EXCELL, but these documents lived on harddrives, and were cumbersome to move around.

MORE Importantly: we have simplified our troop management by using TroopTrack. We can get to the fun of enjoying the scouts instead of all the redundant paperwork.

MOST Importantly: And we were forced to standardize operations- ensuring that hand off from year to year is simple and easy. No work is lost from year to year.

I am the biggest fan.

Carole, WebManager, Troop 174, Indianapolis, IN

Great interface, easy to use, excellent way to keep track of all of our AHG girls in one place. Thank you Troop Track for making it so easy!!

Nikkie Roberts, Colorado, AHG Troop 8909

We decided to try TroopTrack for our American Heritage Girls troop, because we wanted to have something that offered both private and public sites, in addition to being able to track the scouts and post documents for everyone in the troop to use. This is perfect! Thank you for all your hard work!

Kathy Ewing, AHG Troop KS1111, Wichita KS

TroopTrack is an intuitive, simple-to-use, feature-rich tracking system for any Scouting Unit. It allows collaboration among leadership, support for entry and troop administration by multiple persons, reminders for upcoming activities, communication with members and parents, parent interaction and review of Scout progress, and Scout access to resources for merit badges, boards of review, and more! TroopTrack is an indispensable tool for Scout groups, large and small.

S. Craig Hufford, Scoutmaster, Troop 501

Troop 72 has been searching for the functionality TroopTrack delivers in an online service for some time. Other solutions are too limiting because either they are tied to a single computer/laptop or their on-line solution doesn't deliver what we need to run our unit. Troop Track does!

Here's what's also great about TroopTrack: If you discover an issue with a report or logic, just enter a support ticket and they get right on it. Other requests/desires are prioritized and addressed accordingly.

Here's what Troop 72 enjoys about TroopTrack:

Security levels; Email integration with events/forms; Individual Scout/Family/Leader access; Money Accounts that WORK; COH/Awards Lists; Membership V-Cards for quick loading to my contact lists.

And the Price. Can't beat it for what you get for it.

Greg Franz, Committee Chair, Libertyville, IL Troop 72

When I became Cub Master of my son's pack, I looked for an easy-to-use web-based solution to help me manage, plan, and track all of the information associated with running a pack. Specifically, I sought an application that I could pull up from a remote computer, or access from my phone or ipad if/when needed. A co-worked turned me on to TroopTrack, and I can't thank him enough--it is *exactly* what I was looking for! The added bonus is that any support issues were rapidly addressed and resolved.

Our pack is an established pack whose primary leader recently moved on to Boy Scouts. Because he owned and managed everything himself, overnight I became our default owner for calendars, awards, contact information, and communication, and much more. Honestly, I do not know how I would stay sane if it weren't for this application. I highly recommend it!

Vance Morosi, Cub Scout Pack 3670, Bozeman, Montana

I just love TroopTrack, as the achievement chair getting everyone's info for awards can be a real challenge but with TroopTrack it's as easy as could be. All the leaders keep track of their kids online then all I have to do is print out a report and go shopping. Thanks again for the great product.

Pat Murphy. Achievement Chair Pack 3514, Medina OH

I have been waiting for these software companies who tailor to the BSA to finally develop their software for AHG. The only one around for AHG,, 3 years ago when I was first looking, was one I knew I didn't want to use because it was not web based. I was waiting for the program that our BSA troop and Pack use to catch up to AHG. Then I met Dave at the National AHG conference, what can I say, the cookies drove me to the booth. :) I still wasn't sure as the company our Troop and Pack use was there too. After I got home I signed up for the free trial for TroopTrack and the other company. After looking at them both closely, I have decided on TroopTrack. The clinching deal? The badge shopping.list with the girls names. Oh how we needed that! Also, being able to record a service project done outside of the troop for an individual girl without having to put in on the troop calendar. There is so much to TroopTrack, I'm still learning it all. I am just so grateful that TroopTrack exists. Oh, and the BSA troop is changing to TroopTrack too. :)

Heidi, AHG Troop Coordinator MI6538

Our troop moved from another system to TroopTrack and have absolutely loved it! We can now have multiple people dealing with money, advancement, event announcements and a host of other areas.

Perhaps the biggest benefit that we've seen is that our Scouts can see what we have down for their advancement. They can also look on-line to see events that they may have forgotten about. We can also e-mail appropriate people direct from the web site.

I was our Scoutmaster for 15 years and I'm so glad that I moved us to TroopTrack before I moved into the Committee Chair role. It made the transition of getting information to the new Scout Master incredibly easy... since he already had it on the web!

It's all incredibly easy! We couldn't have picked a better solution to our data tracking needs!

Martin Hanley - Committee Chair - Troop 177 - Bowling Green

TroopTrack offers a great way to keep track of my daughter's accomplishments in her American Heritage Girls Troop. Thank you for making this technology available!

Michelle Hall, AHG PA 2551

I LOVE TroopTrack! We were an outdated troop using an old version of TroopMaster on a computer over 10 years old until I was introduced to TroopTrack by another scouter. I gave it a trial run for the 30 day period and we haven't looked back since!

It is now very easy to keep everyone on the same page with the calendar featuring e-mail reminders (our attendance is better now than ever), money accounts for each of our scouts, and rank advancement. Parents now get an automatically generated e-mail each month updating them on their scouts progress.

All in all a great tool for a very affordable price!

Drew Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 13 Lincoln, NE

Our Troop uses Troop Track. TroopTrack is a great way to log the progress of my scouts, attendance and most of all a great way to keep track of advancement records. I love the way we can use the system to print off the forms to send in to council, no more handwriting reports!

Joyce Porter - Troop 177, Bowling Green, Mo

TroopTrack is the perfect tool for scouting! It's been so helpful to be able to easily track achievements and to have one place to go to find all the needed information.

Erin Von Bergen (Bozeman, MT)

This has been a very easy way to keep the entire troop up to date on all the happening in our Troop. Tracking badges, calenders for each unit's activities, sharing pictures and just communicating. TroopTrack has it all. Customer service is excellent and fast.

SCahill CO8909

Our Pack been using TroopTrack for almost a year now. And we could not be happier with the program. We had our information transferred into TroopTrack from another program, and we were up and running in no time. It is extremely easy to learn and use. It is nice when even the parents can see how their child is doing. I would recommend it to all the Packs and Troops out there.

Jacob Trom

Great tool. It truly helps keep track of all the scouts achievements in an easy manner. It also also allows for easy reminders of all planned activities to be sent out.. Their are always updates coming in to make it easier to use. I think the support given is great.

Richard Sikkema

This site has done wonders for my troop.

Matthew Flanagan

TroopTrack-- This is a awesome program. We have everything we need to keep us organized all in one place. We like to call it our troop portal. One of the best parts of using TroopTrack is the support. Dave and his staff are outstanding. Thye are quick to respond( usually less than an hour) and always have the answer. Love that. I like knowing that Dave is a Fellow scouter. He knows exactly what we need and want. Dave has even added items that I have suggested or needed. Thanks Dave. you have a great program and I look forward to using it for many years to come.

Susan Flanagan Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 164 Albion NY

This website is easy to use and intuitive. When there is an issue and I submit a request, I get quick responses. The site can also be brought up on my iphone which is helpful in meetings when I get questions from parents/kids.

Lisa Schultz, Troop 55 Awards Chair, Lincoln NE

TroopTrack has revolutionized our ability to track our Cub Scout's activities and and acheivements. There are several systems that do similar things but when we put them head to head, TroopTrack stood out on its own. After our decision, the tool has been consistenly improved throught the dedicated support and development staff that continue to listen to suggestions and questions submitted through the support mechanisms. Our Cub Scout Pack would be lost without the visibility of data and ease of tool use that TroopTrack provides.

Chris Betz (Maryland, Pack 1203)

TroopTrack is a very handy tool for my troop. It sends me up to date notifications about meetings and rank advancement. I would recommend this to any troop or pack, big or small.

James Askey, Troop 363, Colorado

TroopTrack is a superb tool and an excellent value!

Not only does TroopTrack help us communicate with our Troop members -- Scouts, adult leaders, parents -- it keeps track of virtually everything we need to do in running our unit. From advancement to outing / event participation to service hours & nights camping, TroopTrack does it all. It even makes up our Court of Honor shopping lists, so there's no last-minute confusion about which Scout receives which awards.

Beyond record-keeping, TroopTrack gives us a place to store & share our Troop photos and working files. Like most units, we've put together important documents to guide Scouts in their jobs -- like Grubmaster & Patrol Leader -- and we can make sure the most up-to-date versions are available on TroopTrack. We maintain a list of local Merit Badge Counselors, all necessary training (including what's expired and needs to be renewed), and we have nearly three dozen different photo albums with pictures from campouts & high adventure trips, service projects, and Courts of Honor.

TroopTrack gives us every kind of administrative tool we need. More than that, on those rare occasions when something doesn't work well or when we're having trouble, the TroopTrack development team is right there with support. We always receive answers to our questions within a day, most of the time within just a few hours. TroopTrack has even made improvements based on our suggestions.

Before subscribing 2-1/2 years ago, we researched the software available to help with our Troop. The great thing about TroopTrack is that it was built to be used via the web. We didn't have to install it on every computer that needed it -- TroopTrack doesn't care whether users have a Mac or a PC, and it's a completely secure environment. Other Scouting applications are good, but nothing works as well & as completely as TroopTrack.

Not only is TroopTrack the best tool available, it keeps getting better! We whole-heartedly recommend TroopTrack!

Ken Boasso, Scoutmaster, Troop 252, Danville, California

TroopTrack is a lifesaver!!! As a co-leader of a VERY active and LARGE Girl Scout troop TroopTrack has saved my bacon! For the past two years my companion leader and I have been struggling on the administration of our troop. We are both working parents as we all know life sometimes happens and we sometimes have to pass off activities at a moment’s notice. This has been difficult in the past with keeping spreadsheets and address books updated between our two personnel computers. Earlier this year we looked for a solution to help our communication dilemmas. We searched and searched and could not find an "online resident" system for Girl Scouts. We were preparing to retro fit a Boy Scout program when we discovered TroopTrack. We were impressed with the TroopTrack Boy Scout version and were beyond ecstatic to find that David was expanding TroopTrack for Girl Scouts. TroopTrack has been great for managing and communicating events with the parents and scouts; helped us with inventory and attendance. David has been wonderful to work with and is EXTREAMLY open to considering enhancements. TroopTrack has been the best investment and has allowed us to focus our time with the girls and less on administration headaches.

Elizabeth Lugo Brownie Troop 3547 Richland, WA

TroopTrack has really helped us coordinate all our Den leaders and the Scouts achievements. Rather than having multiple places for the advancement information there is one place that the leader can go to easily and quickly update or view each scouts progress. As a volunteer it shouldn't be a full time job to track and organize scouting events, TroopTrack manages all of this for you. I can't recommend TroopTrack enough.

Jeffrey Robbins, Hellertown PA - Pack 349 Cubmaster

We had used another software for tracking for years. Thought it was the only one out there, so we put up with the short comings and slow support. TroopTrack absolutely blows them out of the water. Better and faster support. More features all in one place. We have been able to do away with three other accounts (pictures, e-mail, messages) by using TroopTrack.

Recommend for all Scout units.

Donald Schrupp, Prattville AL. Troop 156

TroopTrack has been essential to our growth as a troop. Keeping track of the information and accompishments of 45 boys is not easy, but TroopTrack makes it so much easier. The improvements made to the program lately have made contacting everyone a breeze. Before we can even think of a way to make the program easier, a new feature comes out that takes care of that need. I have already talked a few of our feeder packs into using the system. I would highly recommend taking a look at TroopTrack for your needs.

Frank Mixon - Troop 133, New Iberia, LA

Love the website! This makes tracking of awards and progress within my den and pack much easier! I LOVE using the calendar to track future events. Our pack is learning more about the site and expect it to be our go-to source for infomation in the near future.

Kevin Templeman: Pack 828, Garden Ridge Texas

TroopTrack is a GREAT tool for the parents and the scout. It is user freindly and serves as a resourceful communication package.

Jackie Steward, Bedford Ohio, Troop 575

I really enjoy this tool because I'm able to manage my account online. This allow me access my account anywhere, instead of only using it at home. Great powerful and useful tool.

Denise F., Girl Scout Troop Leader

We recently changed troops and the new troop uses TroopTrack. What a difference in ease of communication! I can access the calendar of events and plan things well in advance. It is easy to see where my son's account is and RSVP for activities. I like being able to reference the leadership page and find out exactly which person I need to speak with on a specific issue. TroopTrack has helped smooth the transition and has reduced the amount of conversations between me and my husband about information not being accurately passed on or added to the family calendar in a timely manner. I have suggested TroopTrack to other scout troops because of how easy it is to use.

Adrienne M-Troop 355 Spring, TX

We've recently moved from TroopMaster to TroopTrack. The online usability of TroopTrack is a much better fit for out troop. As the Advancement Chair, I was regularly being asked to run reports or give information from TroopMaster. Now, I simply direct other troop members to TroopTrack. It's GREAT!


I have been a user of Troopmaster and Packmaster in the past. When I had an opportunity to start a new Troop and Pack, the first thing I knew was that I need a good software solution to aid me in managing the units. I knew what I wanted and needed. I looked at many solutions. Out all of them, TroopTrack stood out. During my trial period, I found the response of the TroopTrack Team extraordinary which helped convince me that I had found the right solution. I have seen TroopTrack develop and add capabilities on a weekly basis. Issues are fixed in a day and sometimes in hours after being reported. I am an IT Manager myself and I can say to you with high certainty, that TroopTrack is the best software management solution for your Scouting program on the market today.

Abdul Rashid Abdullah

We started with Troop Track about 8 months ago by transferring our Boy Scout Troop. They made it easy and have great support. The new updates make it even better. When I heard they were making a Girl Scout version I did not hesitate to use it for my Girl Scout Troop also.

Ruth S. Des Moines Iowa

Last year our troop was going through some leadership changes. I was asked to change over from a Assistant Scout Master to become the Committee Chair for the troop. I was anxious to improve how our troop was run, specifically in the areas of communications and accounting. TroopTrack has been an answer to my prayers.

Our first issue was converting from TroopMaster to TroopTrack, which David quickly helped me with over the phone. He and his staff have been a tremendous resource helping me make the transition and answering all my questions in a timely manner. I feel like I am part of a grass roots movement that is pushing scouting into the 21st century and enabling troops to leverage all the modern technology that is currently available.

TroopTrack has made my life and our troop less stressful, more efficient, and better organized. Congratulations TroopTrack, you have a winning product!

Scott Hand, Troop 400 - Pace Florida

I am so impressed with TroopTrack! It was such an easy switch from the other web based software. This site is easy to navigate and has a ton of really great features. The calendar feature is great and now that it auto fills a screen, it's super easy to use during a scout meeting, where wifi and internet can be shotty, we can still use our phones to access account balances or send a quick email!

Overall, David is really great about keeping us all informed of upgrades or planned site maintenance.

Tippi - Troop 90, Everett WA

One of the most important things in life is "communication" and with Cub Scouting its no different. We all have sporting events and other activities going on all at once, but with TroopTrack you simply log on and communicate. You can RSVP and organize events well in the future allowing leaders and parents to relax knowing the information can be shared instantly.

Scott Strik

When we started our troop last year, it was such a blessing to find the TroopTrack software. It has made it so easy to keep track of advancement, schedule events, and keep up with the hours and camping nights. This program is usable on every platform that we have from macs, to iphones, android phones, and windows computers. Plus the parents are able to see where their scout stands on his advancement. In addition, for new units, Dave from TroopTrack offers scouterships (free subscriptions) that allow a unit to use troop track for a period of time so that you can focus on getting the equipment that you need.


TroopTrack is a super tool to help with all of the Administrative tasks that go along with running a scouting organization. Before moving to TroopTrack , our Den Leaders had to do all of their advancement, emailing, scheduling, etc manually. Now we are much more efficient with communication to the Pack and tracking advancement. We have barely scratched the surface of what the tool can do and it has been a huge help! Dave has made great strides to improve TroopTrack and is very responsive to suggestions and problems. I love the fact that he is constantly looking to improve an already great product. If you want to help reduce the time you spend on communication and admin, you should get TroopTrack for your scouting organization!

Derek Gaff, Cubmaster Pack 442 Jacksonville, FL

TroopTrack is great for keeping track of your Den and Pack. Calendar feature helps keep people updated on events. Group E-mail very helpful in communicating with pack. I submitted a support issue and was contacted with a solution in just a couple of hours.

Scott Peterson, KY

After looking for an alternative to the competitive website our troop had been using for a very long time, we are ecstatic that we found the right tool for our troop. When we compared the features of TroopTrack to the previous tool, it was obviously not built on a legacy framework but created from the ground up for scouting. TroopTrack has a very intuitive interface and is compatible with multiple hardware and software platforms.

Our members have been frustrated with complex steps and the very outdated interface of our previous web tool. Many had lost faith and interest in using the previous product. We needed our members to be willing and able to update personal information independently.

I’d also like to complement the support we received during our evaluation period. All of our comments and questions were considered and addressed. I also really appreciated the very quick response.

We look forward to benefitting from the awesome features and support.

Thanks TroopTrack!

Erick Zimmerman, Scoutmaster Troop 636, Issaquah, WA

Our assistant scout master found this web site and I am oh so very glad he did. Being the one who keeps all the paperwork for our troop, TroopTrack has taken such a big burden of me as record keeper. My old Excel program along with a huge book of papers was so time consuming. Our scouts can now log on using their own passwords and get the answers they need in seconds. Thank you TroopTrack for making my life so much easier.

Kim Mason Troop 99

I love TroopTrack - it's so much easier to keep the parents of my Webelos up-to-date with TroopTrack's email lists and calendar. It makes achievement tracking a breeze too. After each meeting, I use my iPad to record who came and which requirements we've passed off. It's awesome.

Shannon Christiansen, Den Leader, Pack 555 & Owner,

It’s nice to be able to create web pages without needing to know html and have it integrated with our troop calendar, advancement tracking, and other features. I also like the automated progress reports the system emails out to special interested committee members. I compared with other scouting solutions and chose TroopTrack.

Dan Ulvila, Troop 1939 has really made my job easier as a scoutmaster. The parents love the ability to check in anytime to see how their boy is doing. I love that I can have a central location to store all my data without keeping a complicated spreadsheet or worrying about backing up my own data. The staff is very responsive and open when I send them a feature request. They've really made trooptrack a valuable tool for our troop. I don't know what I'd do without it.

Kevin Myrup, Scoutmaster, Troop 651

As a Unit Leader and Advancement Coordinator for my AHG troop, I was once again struggling to make our current Record-keeping Software do what I wanted it to do. I was poking around the software's website, scouring the help manual (again!), looking for ANYTHING that would help or that would at least show me that the developers realized the many problems and limitations and were working to correct them.

What I found was a statement on their product page (that their "new AHG troop management system literally blows away the competition") that made me realize I'd never even looked for alternatives. So I did an online search and found

I loved that I was able to sign up for a free trial right away, that there was nothing to download, that it was so intuitive to set up and use. I loved that it was web-based, that it allowed parents to log in, that it was easy to make both public and private web pages.

The only down-side -- it was for Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts, not AHG. But after a short email exchange with the developer, I found out he was willing and interested in creating a version for AHG. And based on the TroopTrack forum messages I read, I knew that he listens to user feedback and make changes and improvements often. I'm so thrilled with the final results!

Karen Stiles, Unit Leader, AHG MN0200