Cell Carrier on the Profile & Improved Bulk Recording

We released a couple of changes this morning:

1) A member's cell phone carrier, which is required if you want to be able to send text messages, is now editable from the user profile. It was always editable from Communicate -> Text Message Settings, but a user pointed out that it should be on the profile as well. So we added it.

2) Some awards with multiple levels of requirements were not being completed properly when you selected the "all requirements completed" option when using Achieve -> Record Progress (bulk). It was only completing the first level of requirements with no sub-requirements. This behavior has been fixed and it will now update ALL requirements, regardless of how many levels of requirements there are.

3) Mike Rolefson, a TroopTrack user, posted an idea, and I want to re-post it here because I really like it. He said:

"A question to other Boy Scout Troop users. Would others find it useful if, on the Rank page under the Achievements tab for a scout, that merit badges that can be applied to a rank might list show a check mark for completion or a percentage completed for each merit badge? This way a scout could list the merit badges he plans to work on towards a rank and in a quick summary see what he has left to do."

Please add a comment if you have thoughts on Mike's idea. I really want to do something in this area of TT soon so now is your chance to influence where this heads.