Working on Event Payments

This week I am working on event payments. Here are some of the changes I am trying to get done:


- Redesigning the workflow so that you can pay for multiple RSVPs at once by putting RSVPs in a shopping cart until you are ready to pay


- Allowing users to choose between paying with a money account or a credit card (Stripe) or PayPal


- Allowing a troop to accept payment via Stripe and PayPal rather than just one of the two


- Allowing troops to specify that users are responsible for Stripe/PayPal transaction fees


- Allowing troops to specify that they are responsible for TroopTrack transaction fees


- Allowing troops to accept manual payments (checks, cash, etc) for items in a shopping cart


- Preventing users from paying for a shopping cart with a money account that doesn't have adequate funds


I hope I can get this done and live soon - I will keep you posted.


~ Dave