TroopTrack User Community

Later this week we are going to officially launch, our new forum for TroopTrack users. It is already available for you to check out and is integrated with TroopTrack so you can access it with your TroopTrack account.


Once it is launched officially, Community will replace several TroopTrack features including:

- User Guide

- Product Updates

- portions of the Help Desk


Community will become the official mechanism for suggesting new features and reporting bugs - we will no longer use the help desk for that. Help desk tickets will be reserved for specific problems that require sharing personally identifiable information or are otherwise not solvable via Community.


Additionally, the way you submit help desk tickets will change. Prior to submitting a help desk ticket you will be prompted to search Community for help with your problem.


We hope these changes will help you get answers more quickly and allow us to focus our customer service efforts where they are needed most.


Please share this announcement with your leaders so they will not be surprised when we launch these changes in the next week or so.


Best wishes,


~ Dave