Service Hours Fixed and Other Updates

The missing service hours have been restored! Yay! We're sorry this ever happened in the first place!

We were able to restore any hours entered before Saturday (11/18) and Sunday (11/19, the day the bug occurred). If service hours were entered on Sunday before the bug occurred, they will need to be re-added. If service hours were added on Saturday, they might need to be re-added. With the exception of those two days, everything else is back up.

Here are some other updates:

  • Scouts can no longer access BSA Merit Badge Counselor lists, per BSA policy
  • Award Cards will once again print at the correct size
  • TurboNET can now upload these BSA Pack awards - Natl Summertime Pack Pin (Tiger/Wolf/Bear/Webelos), Cyber Chip Award (Grades 1-3/4-5), all Nova Cub Scouts awards, and CS Outdoor Activity Awd (Tiger/Wolf/Bear/Webelos)